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Direct Hire

In a fast-paced industry that demands precision, Metasearch consistently attracts industry-leading professionals with the expertise, ingenuity and vision necessary to succeed in both local and global enterprises. Our contract-to-hire program is a preferred method of hiring for many companies. When you place a request through Metasearch, we respond with a sense of urgency. We are responsive, reliable, flexible, and dependable. We rely on the industry expertise and goodwill we have built since our inception in 1999 to attract the best candidates for your particular position.

Contract to Hire (also known as Temp-to-Hire) allows the client to select a candidate for the hiring need while providing a time frame for evaluation. During this period, employers can evaluate performance, work ethic, and compatibility before transitioning an employee into a full time role. The cost of hiring an employee who is not a match for the work culture can be detrimental to the bottom line.

Organizations spend thousands of dollars and hours of manpower in the recruitment processes to attract and select the right candidates. Metasearch provides a cost-effective option that is more efficient and makes an impression with prospective employees, giving us a competitive advantage over other recruiting agencies.. Extend your network with a reliable partner!

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