Meta Innovation + Meta Technology = Meta Talent

Virtual MetaExperience

Meta Innovation + Meta Technology = Meta Talent


Meta Technology

At Metasearch we believe that innovative technology and video media is the full spectrum of real recruitment. Metasearch utilizes cutting edge videoconferencing technology to provide clients with virtual access with talent. We lead the industry in remote interviewing and telework solutions. We offer an unparalleled service that connects the best in class talent seamlessly across distances.

The LightCar Connection

As a pioneer in Global Virtual Talent and telecommuting, Metasearch utilizes Lightcar Communications, our one-of-a-kind technology, to facilitate video teleconferencing. The Lightcar is easy enough to use without training and, in fact our telecommunication is as easy as a four digit number. The Lightcar is the only personal video conferencing method that will access any conference or board room across the globe. Best of all, Lightcar technology can be accessed through your PC, MAC or any mobile device.

The benefits of telecommuting are numerous .We make them accessible through our affordable, reliable, and fast communication. If you would like to be a virtual employee, or if you are interested in developing a reliable telecommuting staff, Metasearch has the technology to get you there.